Thrustmaster Mac OS X Driver (Beta v4)

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This is a Universal (Intel and PPC) kernel extension for Mac OS X for those old (but still great) Thrustmaster ADB sticks. To use this driver you will need an Griffin iMate USB -> ADB adapter. It works by tricking Mac OS X into thinking the TM equipment is a USB HID device.


  1. Mac OS X 10.2 or latter
  2. An iMate iMate from Griffin Technology
  3. An old ADB Thrustmaster stick


  1. Download the Thrustmaster package.
  2. Double click the package to start the installation.
  3. If the iMate drivers are installed, deinstall them!
  4. Reboot (or if you are tricky, use kextload to load the extension and then plug in the iMate).
  5. Plugin the iMate making sure the Thrustmaster joystick is connected to the iMate before plugin in the iMate.
  6. Configure the driver using the Thrustmaster Preference Panel.


Q: Dose the Thrustmaster Mac OS X Driver (Beta) work with Intel Macs?

A: YES! Beta v4 works with Intel Macs (Requires an iMate USB -> ADB adapter).

Q: Why do I have to remove the Griffin Drivers?

A: The new Intel Macs do not support ADB in anyway. To get around this the new driver needs to take over the iMate and talk directly to the iMate rather then using the ADB subsystem and the Griffin drivers interfere with this operation.

Q: I have a PPC Mac, do I still have to remove the Griffin Drivers?

A: YES! Unless you want to continue using the previous version.

Q: Can I use a USB -> ADB adapter other then the iMate?

A: The Beta v4 driver only works on the iMate. The previous versions may work with other adapters.

Q: I am on a PPC Mac, is there any reason to update to the latest version?

A: YES! The latest version no longer polls the Joystick. This should lead to an increase in performance and will probably reduce the latency that some people have been complaining about.



This project is released under the BSD License. Click here to view the license.

Release Notes

September 26, 2006

January 22, 2005

September 28, 2003

August 24, 2003

April 5, 2003

March 29, 2003

November 23, 2002


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